Case Study: Charlotte County Airport Authority

The Charlotte County Airport in South-western Florida manages a large portfolio of properties in one of the finest and well maintained airports in the state.

Property Management by Binary Stream offered the Charlotte County Airport Authority a solution to streamline and simplify their spreadsheet processing embedded in Microsoft Dynamics GP to create one fully integrated and consolidated system.

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“I am absolutely happy with Binary Stream’s Property Management. In terms of delivering what we expected it definitely lived up to what was promised. In streamlining our tenant billing processes we saved a significant amount of time, averaging around 2 minutes to process our payments instead of 30. This has definitely made our lives easier.”

Heather Straw, Controller, Charlotte County Airport Authority

Top takeaways from this case study


The process of creating tenant invoices was greatly simplified. Instead of the average of 30 minutes it took to get their spreadsheets updated, Property Management took only minutes to batch and post all of the monthly invoices with the needed changes.



Accessing tenant and lease information also became a much easier task, Charlotte County Airport Authority was now empowered to access this information directly and immediately without having to wait on the property manager’s busy schedule.



The Charlotte County Airport Authority saved a great deal of time and was more prepared to answer tenant and stakeholder questions in a timely manner, improving these relationships and helping them achieve a greater level of service for their clients.