Case study | American Software saves $50,000 in first year with Multi-Entity Management

American Software operated in 28 states and across five countries but lacked visibility and control over its invoice processes due to its holding company structure. The company frequently acquired smaller entities that relied on traditional invoicing methods, creating a need to integrate them into the overall accounts payable (AP) processes. To address these challenges, American Software sought a solution to automate and streamline its invoicing processes across multiple entities.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic hastened the need for a solution, as the accounting team had to physically go to the office to process paperwork that arrived daily. This posed a safety risk for the team and made maintaining consistency and control over the process difficult. American Software recognized the urgency to streamline its processes and enabled the accounting team to work from home as soon as possible. Discover how financial transformation helped them change all that and win an award for the impact of those efforts.

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